Inside a Rear View Mirror is a World Where We Worked

by Floods

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I've been feeling very lonely. I have been worried about finding an internship/job after I graduate. I don't want to hate my job and be miserable. I feel very stupid and naive every day I wake up. I feel like I want a girlfriend/partner. Recently i have found out how much I can care about someone and realized how I can feel that way forever. This sparked just from being lonely and thinking about past relationships I have learned from and know it could have been better/worked out. At some point you have to be honest with yourself and say that you don't know or do know about something. After that conversation it is much easier to fix things.

I kept trying to record this perfectly in one go because I have had it all in my head, but I realized one with errors makes it mine more than a perfect one.

keep loving and helping each other


released November 11, 2019


all rights reserved


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